Wood protection

Wood is a natural material that is vulnerable to aging and various pests, so it must be protected and nurtured.

As a protection, stain coatings can be used in which the texture of the wood remains visible or finishing coatings (enamel varnish for wood and metal, nitro enamel) in various shades.

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Metal protection

Non-protected metallic surfaces are exposed to oxygen or moisture from the air that causes corrosion.

The metal surfaces are always protected by a basic color that has a corrosion effect and a finishing coating that has a protective - decorative role.

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Solvents are an important product cycle for surface treatment and decoration.

In addition to the adequate selection of the coating, to achieve the desired look of the treated elements it is necessary to use suitable solvents which significantly contribute to the achievement of top quality surface treatment.

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Thermo fluid
Termofluid is a high-quality industrial product that protects against freezing and serves as an excellent heat exchanger. It is ideal for use in installations of houses, apartments, industrial plants and petrochemical industry. It is also suitable for preventive use against the formation of ice on trails, pedestrian zones, etc.
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