Product description

3=1 is a color created by the specific ratio of oily and nitro colors with the addition of excellent anti-corrosive pigments both for external use and for internal metalworking. With oil paint is taken hardness elasticity and resistance while nitro colors the drying speed. By matching the characteristics 3=1 is at the very top of the coating for metal both by the quality of the coating and the ease of use. It is extremely suitable for metal surfaces in difficult conditions of exploitation.


It is excellent in the system of surface storage of metal products, metal reproductive material, agricultural machines and tools of metal goods, metal joinery and especially metal structures.

Method of application:

Prior to application, it is necessary to degrease well and clean the metal surface with Antikorozin Chemco product. It is applied with a syringe or roller and brush. It is rated with a solvent for fast-drying paints ranging from 10 to 20% when it is brushed and roller and up to 30% when It can be applied in two thin layers. It can be applied wet to wet, which means it does not need to dry the first layer of coating to apply the other. Make sure to mix and dilute the product during use.

Key informations

Shelf life:36 months
Consumption:6-8m /1l