Product description

Mediterranean E - Enamel varnish is intended for outdoor and indoor works on metal and wooden substrates: metal structures, fences, pipelines, metal fittings, construction carpentry, radiators, wooden floors and others.

Mediterranean E has good elasticity and surface purity, high gloss and good resistance to atmospheric influences.

When it comes to the metal substrate, the Mediterranean E is applied over the basic anti-corrosive paint (1-2 layers) in the thickness of 30-40 micrometres of the dry film. As for the wooden floors, it is applied in 2-3 layers. In the construction carpentry, Mediterranean E is applied as a finishing coat after impregnation of fir and after one layer of basic oil paint for wood.

It is applied with a brush, a roller, a classic syringe gun or airless pistol. It is diluted with an oil diluent.

Key information

Expiration date:24 months.
Packaging: 0.7kg, 0.2kg, 20/1
Storage:Store it in dry areas at a temperature of 5-30ºC