Product description

Nitro enamel is a cover paint used to protect metal and wood surfaces. The substrate must be dry, abraded and cleaned.
For coloring the metal: 2 layers in the system with Nitro base color.
For wood coloring: 2 layers in the system with Nitro enamel fast-drying base or Nitro lacquer.
Apply with spray or brush, and, if necessary, dilute it with Chemco Nitro thinner. Applying the next layer is possible after 5-6h. Before use, mix the contents in the dosage.

R10 Flammable R20/22
R20/22 Harmful if inhaled and if swallowed
S24/25 Prevent contact with skin and eyes
S29 Do not discharge into drains
S45 In case of accident or nausea, seek medical advice immediately

Key informations

Shelf life:The product can be used for 2 years from the date indicated on the packaging.
Packaging:0.7kg and 20/1
Storage:If kept in original packaging and dry conditions (+ 5- + 35˚C)
Covering area:You can paint with 1l it 7-9m² in one layer