Product description

Chemco thermofluid is ready-to-use, dark green liquid, based on propylene glycol. Chemco Thermofluid is a high-quality industrial product that provides protection from freezing and is an excellent agent of heat transfer.Chemco Thermofluid is basically a product based on ethyl ethylene glycol. Chemco termofluid prolonged effect for up to 10 years and as such there is no degradation of ethylene glycol. It is effective in preventing corrosion on various types of metal and aluminum used for the production of cooling systems for plants.

Chemco thermofluid is ideal for use in installations of houses, apartments, industrial plants and in the petrochemical industry.

Chemco Thermofluid is suitable for preventive use against the formation of ice on trails, pedestrian zones, etc.

Key informations

Shelf life:10 years.
Packaging:5l, 10l, 18l, 20l
Storage:If kept in original packaging and dry conditions at temperatures of (+5°C - +20°C)